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How Do You Get Rid Of Your Food Restrictions?



At weight matters we talk about food being a medicine. In this beautiful article Joanna Poppink talks about becoming your own doctor and administering that medicine under the same basic guidance as we offer. 

Bring in a new authority as chemically the eating disorder is in charge.  She shares that when that part of you says but I don't want it, that nurturing caring adult part also can handle that simply by saying it's time for your medicine. 

Posted by Deborah Fields 



"How do I change course and start gaining when I am underweight?" "Even if I’m at a weight that’s too low, how can I just maintain instead of losing?" "I’m still losing weight! How can I stop?"  "When will I feel that it is okay to eat?" 

The key to these questions is good nourishing food. 

Think of nourishing food as your medicine. To function properly your body needs lots of different types of food such as; protein vegetables, fat, fruits, grains etc. If food is the medicine then you need to make sure your prescription only includes foods that you need not just ones there as filler. 

The amount of food you need depends on when during the day it is with regular eating times of around every 3 hours. But as a total needs to be enough to nourish your body and lead to gradual weight gain. 

You need to be able to take control and not let the eating disorder get the better of your, believe you can do it. By having a reward you have achieved something and not only will your body feel nourished but your soul will too. 

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