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Child Vegetarians




Your children's eating habits can be a source of concern, but even if you would rather they weren't vegetarian no fear they will be ok!

Are you are vegetarian, your children? What would you do if your child decided they were? 



What happens when a child who was previously perfectly happy eating meat suddenly turns into a vegetarian? Although not uncommon for children to rebel against their parents eating habits by deciding to become a vegetarian  it can also be caused by the realization that meat does not just magically appear all ready to cook, but rather comes from some rather cute animals and for some children understandably this is just too much. 

Usually you let them grow out of it on their own, you don't make a big deal out of it and eventually you can all be sitting down to the same meal again. Furthermore rather than just telling them they are wrong in their views, listen to what they have to say on the matter and then present them with your own opinion on the matter. 


By being a meat eater you may think that your child may not be receiving enough nutrients in this new eating way though rest assured they can as Sally Child explains. 

"Nutrients most likely to be in short supply for vegetarians are iron and protein. Increase foods with pulses and beans and nuts and seeds if they are not allergic. Quorn is a good low fat option for replacing protein and iron is found in fresh green vegetables and lentils which can be hidden in stews and soups."


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