Paul WilsonPsychoanalytic Therapist

I believe that at Weightmatters we can help you to cut through the mire of confusion and anxiety and to re-establish a natural healthy relationship to food, to ourselves, and to others.

About Me

Few things are so vital to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as our relationship to food. Yet we receive such conflicting advice on what constitutes healthy eating that it is commonplace that it can leave us feeling confused and anxious. When our old habits re-emerge we can be overwhelmed by guilt and shame. These feelings can increase the sense of desperation and misery we feel. When we add in the fact that food can have several meanings for each of us it is unsurprising that so many of us find this a challenge.

My aim is to provide a safe environment in which we can explore your relationship to food and the issues around it.

My role as a therapist at Weightmatters is threefold: first to help steer you toward better food awareness and nutritional understanding; second to give you practical steps you can take which can have an immediate positive impact on your life; and thirdly to work together to try to gain a better understanding of your emotional relationship to food and what meaning it holds for you.

I have worked as a psychotherapist in private practice since 2013. I draw on the richness of psychoanalysis to help us to find together a new understanding of yourself and your troubles, and ultimately to find a new way to relate to food.

Times and Fees

My Fees

  • £80Standard Session
  • £430Block of 6 peak
  • £65Off Peak
  • £360Off peak block

Days I'm available at WeightMatters

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

I am available at additional times for remote support using


Qualifications & Training

  • 2016: Risk Workshop
  • 2013: Setting up in Private Practice Workshop
  • 2013: Assessment Workshop
  • 2012: CPD Psychosis in the NHS
  • 2012-Present: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - The Guild of Psychotherapists
  • 2011: Child-centred Counselling Training - ChildLine
  • 1997: BSc Computer Science - The University of Nottingham

Services I Provide at WeightMatters

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