Manage food for health and wellbeing

Working with a Dietician

Our dietician will help you understand how the science of human nutrition is connected to your relationship with food and health. We will explain the basics of food chemistry which will result in weight loss, or weight gain, so you can make informed dietary choices to improve your health, and to prevent, and treat, illness and disease.

Coaching you on habit and behaviour change is an essential aspect of our work. We will help you prepare and plan for the lifestyle changes that you will need to make to reach your goals. We have a wealth of experience in working with weight loss, weight management, eating disorder recovery and health conditions that are related to eating, weight and your body.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Our dietician can support you with recovery from your eating disorder


  • maximise health
  • food balance
  • tiny steps of change


  • electrolyte rebalancing
  • food management
  • health MOT

Binge eating

  • structured eating plan
  • manage cravings
  • improve mood

Weight Loss & Weight Management

There are many ways our dietician can support you with weight loss and weight management

  • discover what you are eating
  • understand your nutritional status
  • create a weight management plan
  • achieve optimal health

Food Management

We have recipes, food plans and lifestyle coaching tips to support you in changing your relationship with food and the way you eat.

We will shape the information we give you to match your specific lifestyle requirements, so that you can eat well and with confidence when at work, home or travelling.

Health Conditions

Here are some health conditions we can help with — scroll, click and read.

Working with your GP, Consultant or Therapist

Clinical dieticians work closely with medical doctors, and we are able to manage referrals from your GP or Consultant, and work with them collaboratively in providing you with optimum treatment and care.

We also work with counsellors and psychotherapists who require nutritional support when working with clients who have eating issues.

Prices & Availability

Helen is available on Mondays and some Saturdays

Helen WestDietician

I will help your body find balance and health through optimal nutrition, weight management coaching and functional medicine

Days I'm available at WeightMatters

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

My Fees

  • £14090 min consultation
  • £11560 min follow up
  • £9040 min follow up

I am available at additional times for remote support using

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