Tracy KellyDietitian, Health & Wellbeing Architect

I wholeheartedly believe you are designed to thrive and be healthy. Your health is your wealth. Positive nutrition will enable you to live your best days and enjoy whole-life success. What you eat literally (food) and figuratively (thoughts) shapes your “now” and your “tomorrow”. It’s an inside-out job! What would you like your future to look like and where can you start?

My passion

My passion is real people, real food, real transformations. Simply helping busy people lead healthier, fitter, meaningful lives. Teaching you how to balance your health, regain your confidence, and triumph over the challenges that are keeping you stuck. If you’re honest with yourself, deep down, you probably know what to do but for some reason you haven’t managed to fit it consistently into your life.

Life is busy and messy. It can be overwhelming. There can be too many things competing for your time and your health drops down your priority list. Or maybe you have given up hope and don’t even believe change is possible.

Well I’m here to tell you, it is possible!

Together we can do this. You can wait for the perfect time to act, but from experience, the perfect time never comes. I believe you just have to decide to start. Start now, with what you have and the rest will fall into place. Together we can turn things around. We can reimagine the future where you are healthy and inspired. We can unravel what keeps getting in the way, holding you back and keeping you ill and/or just surviving. And then we can focus on the small, manageable 1% changes which you can consistently do. We will work on building your confidence and making things real and practical, whether it’s a formulating a shopping list, sourcing quick, easy, delicious, nutritious recipes or practical tips for busy times for example. We will work to your agenda. And in doing so, you will build new sustainable, health-giving habits.

Sure, you can do it alone and some people manage it brilliantly. But many of my clients have struggled. They lose their mojo, they get tired, they lose interest and their motivation dwindles. It’s just not as fun and progress can be so much slower. Let’s face it, it’s easier to let things slide when you’re doing something solo. Why try figuring it all out yourself?

I’d love to work with you, quieten out some of the noise, and help you achieve a healthier life.

My journey

I grew up in Sunny South Africa pre-mobile days playing outdoors and eating mostly proper foods. So, you could say healthy living came naturally and I fell into Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I realised what came easy to me, wasn’t as obvious to others. As I built my career, I became fascinated with human behaviour and why we do what we do, and went on to complete a post grad in business and personal coaching. Increasingly I noticed more people getting ailments due to the crazy-busy-lifestyle they led, suffering burn out and losing their passion for what they were doing. And what became obvious was the huge impact that nutrition, activity and lifestyle choices can have on someone’s health, performance and resilience and so this the where I play now.

My career has spanned the NHS, public and private sectors – which are all reflected in my unique nutrition, psychology and business skillset insights which provide a platform for individuals to excel.

I understand the challenges of thriving in high performance environments and the benefits that being energized, purposeful, healthy and engaged have for you as an individual and the ripple effect it can have on those around you.

I have worked with people from many walks to life from senior execs in blue-chip companies helping them turbo-boost their mental and physical resilience, to those recovering from Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS to people living with chronic conditions like kidney failure and diabetes though to smart women who just want to get off the diet-rollercoaster.

I have transformed my advanced nutrition education and experience as an executive and coach to become an energetic, fun, straight-talking, results-focused and purposeful activator of change. I believe my strength is my ability to connect, digest the science, sprinkle it with pragmatism and serve it in delicious bite-sized portions which are easy to digest and enjoy. I pride myself on building relationships and know when to give the high fives and when to deliver the loving blows if you are selling yourself short. I love seeing people succeed.

I enjoy working with motivated people, who are prepared to invest in themselves and do want is needed to elevate their level of health and life.

My interests - weight matters, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Performance nutrition.

Times and Fees

My Fees

  • £14090 min consultation
  • £11560 min follow up
  • £9040 min follow up

Days I'm available at WeightMatters

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

I am available at additional times for remote support using


Qualifications & Training

  • 2017 Weight Loss & Elite Sports Nutrition certification (Precision Nutrition)
  • 2015 PG Certification in Personal and Business Coaching (University of Chester)
  • 1999 BSC In Human Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Stellenbosch)

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member of Health and Care Professions Council (HPC)
  • Member of British Dietetic Association (BDA)

Services I Provide at WeightMatters

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