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We can help you change your relationship with weight, food, eating and your body

Learn skills to change the way you eat

The practice has been running since 2005, and that gives us a lot of experience of working with people who struggle in some way with their weight, their relationship with food and eating, and the way they perceive their body.

Learning from this experience, and listening to feedback from our clients, has informed the range of services that we provide. Individual support remains at the heart of what we offer, and our counselling and psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, psychiatry and dietician services provide this.

Working on headspace, and what we feed our body, is combined in our various packages. Our Reframe and Metabolic Balance Plus programmes support you in creating weight loss that you can maintain, while our Rebalance programme supports you when recovering from an eating disorder.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Let us guide you on the path to recovery

Breakthrough Day
Get to the root cause of your weight issues

Our therapists have received specialised training, and can work with all presentations of disordered eating and eating disorders, as well as other mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and trauma.

Manage food for health
and wellbeing

Nutritional Therapy
Find balance in your body
and eating

Changing your eating behaviour, and managing life factors that influence your weight, are key factors in the nutrition coaching we offer. We create eating plans that work for you and your body, to help you achieve your optimal weight and a healthy body.

Explore your mental health
and physical wellbeing

Working with our psychiatrist provides an understanding of how your mental health, physical wellbeing and disordered eating are connected. Psychiatric treatment may include medication, some exploratory blood tests, or supportive work with our counselling, psychotherapy and nutrition teams.

Psychological and nutritional
support for weight loss

Dietary and therapeutic support
for eating disorders

Working with a therapist you can change your thinking and find new ways of managing emotions, and with a nutrition coach you can change your eating behaviour and find new ways of taking care of your body. Our Reframe and Rebalance programmes combine both of these disciplines, with amazing results.

Metabolic Balance
Reset your metabolism
for weight loss

Metabolic Balance Plus
Lose weight and change
your mindset

Metabolic Balance is a weight loss programme that is backed by the science of endocrinology, providing you with a weight loss blueprint that is designed for your body. We uniquely offer our Metabolic Balance Plus programme for people who would like some psychological support as they manage changes to their eating and lifestyle.

Group Therapy
Share, reflect and learn in a
supported group environment

Learn the skills to change
the way you eat

Experiencing group dynamics can be a great catalyst for change. You hear other peoples’ stories, which can help you feel normal, and not alone. They provide you with great education and equip you with new skills to manage your relationship with food, and your relationships with other people.