Group Therapy

Share, reflect and learn in a supported group environment

Group Learning At WeightMatters

We have created a varied programme of group learning at WeightMatters, as we know this can be helpful in achieving weight loss goals, challenging unhelpful patterns of behaviour and supporting eating disorder recovery.

Weight Loss Groups

Our weight loss groups offer you a variety of ways to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Structure and accountability may be important to you, or perhaps nutritional coaching with additional psychological support may be what you are looking for. Here are the weight loss groups starting soon:

Group Therapy

If you are thinking about starting therapy, and working individually with a therapist feels daunting, group therapy may be for you. Working together in a group, you can explore many types of issues and concerns, often learning from others’ experiences as you listen and observe, and making sense of your own problems at the same time.

Group therapy is created as a safe place for you to belong and share things, to be heard and seen by others. Some people attending 1-2-1 therapy may also benefit from joining group therapy, as the group provides an opportunity to experience relationships in a new way. Here are the dates for group therapy we have starting soon:

Feel Well

Tell us what is going on for you, and let us explain how we can help

Integrated Therapy & Nutrition Weight Loss Group

Applying Cognitive Remediation To Weight Loss

Date: Starts Wednesday 5th February
Time: Weekly on Wednesdays, 7 – 830pm
Length: 8 weeks
Cost: £600

Do You Struggle To Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

  • Despite your best efforts, do you find yourself on endless diets?
  • Are you easily distracted away from your weight loss goals and plans?
  • Do you find it hard to make the right food choices when eating out?

If you feel that nothing has helped you lose weight, no matter the time or effort you spend on it, then this weight loss group is a great place for you to experience real change.

Cognitive remediation is a new psychological approach that improves cognitive flexibility, an approach helpful for weight loss. In this 8 week course we blend cognitive remediation techniques with nutrition coaching, and a supportive group dynamic, for an integrated approach to weight loss.

Structure Of This Integrated Therapy & Nutrition Weight Loss Group

Session 1 – 5th February
The aim of cognitive remediation therapy – How do mental exercises change the brain?
Science & evidence-based weight loss

Session 2 – 12th February 
Illusions task – you practise holding two ideas and switching between different pieces of information
A balanced diet for weight loss

Session 3 – 19th February
Stroop material – you practise switching between different aspects of stimuli quickly & accurately
It’s not just about what you eat, but also when you eat

Session 4 – 26th February
Embedded work task – you practise identifying particular categories of information amongst irrelevant information
The impact of stress on weight gain

Session 5 – 4th March
Estimating task – you practise estimating & approximating thinking on a continuum rather than dichotomously
The importance of movement

Session 6 – 11th March
Up and down task – you practise switching skills based on rule change
Big food

Session 7 – 18th March
Maps task – you are encouraged to think in different ways when navigating
The impact of toxins on weight

Session 8 – 25th March
Bigger picture task – you practice extracting information to create a more integrated view
Making it long-term and sustainable

Your Workshop Facilitator

This integrated therapy and nutrition weight loss group is an 8-week programme run by our specialist eating behaviour therapist Christine Everley, and nutritional therapist Sue Camp.

Each week they will blend psychological techniques with nutritional foundations to support you in changing the way you eat, transform your relationship with food, and facilitate healthy weight loss.

Book Now

We request that you make a commitment for the whole 8-week programme.

We are unable to make any refunds if you miss any of the weeks.

Places are limited on this popular course to 8 people, so please reserve your space now.

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Working With Body Image

Group Therapy

Date: Starts Sunday 23rd February 2020
Time: Weekly on Sundays, 11am – 1pm
Length: 6 weeks
Cost: £350

Who Is This Group For?

This group is for anybody who feels disconnected from their body, or who simply doesn’t like their body.

If you are harsh, critical and judgmental about your appearance, this group experience will be helpful and supportive.

How Will This Group Help Me?

The group is designed to teach us how to be more integrated and whole, to build bridges between our bodies and our emotions, thoughts, hopes, perceptions and imagination.

We will explore why we have grown up to not like our body, how to change this and make ourselves feel more whole, and how to be more connected to ourselves and others.

Structure Of This Body Image Group Therapy

Session 1 – 23rd February
What is body image? Definition, exploration, impact of self-image on ourselves. Feeling our body through breathing.

Session 2 – 1st March
Processing our thoughts and feelings. Challenging beliefs and body imagination.

Session 3 – 8th March
Exploring the voice of our body. Joining movement and sounds.

Session 4 – 22nd March
Exploring the body. Sensations, feelings and language.

Session 5 – 29th March
Working with posture. Assessment, assertiveness and direction in the body.

Session 6 – 5th April 
Grounding. Play and pleasure.

Your Workshop Facilitator

Sabine Tendas and Andreia Jennings are co-facilitating this group on body image, consisting of 6 sessions dedicated to body image exploration.

They will blend psychological techniques with self-reflective exploration of your body to support you in creating a healthier relationship with your body.

Book Now

We request that you make a commitment for the whole 6-week programme.

We are unable to make any refunds if you miss any of the weeks.

Places are limited on this popular course to 8 people, so please reserve your space now.

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Group Therapy & Group Programmes Cancellation Policy

We want to be clear and fair about our cancellation policy. As our group programmes are so popular, we have created the following group therapy cancellation policy:

More than 14 days before the workshop – Full refund

Between 7 to 14 days before the workshop – 50% refund

Less than 7 days before the workshop – No refund