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Compare your score to the Body Image Zones described below.

Score of 0-5 = Body Image Acceptance Zone

The Acceptance Zone reflects a positive, healthy relationship with your body image.

Score of 6-17 = Body Image Risky Zone

A score in the Risky Zone is a warning that some aspects of your body image need changing.

Score of 18-40 = Body Image Problem Zone

Problem Zone scores are a red flag indicating that action needs to be taken, so you can become more accepting of your physical appearance.

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Negative body image emotions, such as anxiety, disgust, anger, frustration, envy, shame or self-consciousness crop up in different situations for different people.

In this test you are asked to think about 20 different situations that can trigger you to feel like this. For each situation below, indicate how often you've had negative emotions about your appearance. There may be some of the situations listed that you haven't encountered, or some that you avoid. If so, simply indicate how often you probably would have had distressing emotions if you had been in those situations.

When you submit the form you will receive immediate on-screen feedback.

1. At social gatherings where I know people

2. When I look at myself in the mirror

3. When people see me before I've 'fixed up'

4. When I'm with attractive people of my own sex

5. When I'm with attractive people of the opposite sex

6. When someone looks at parts of my appearance that I dislike

7. When I look at my body nude in the mirror

8. When I am trying on new clothes at the store

9. After I have eaten a full meal

10. When I see attractive people on television or in magazines

11. When I get on the scales to weigh myself

12. When anticipating or having sexual relations

13. When I'm already in a bad mood about something else

14. When the topic of conversation pertains to physical appearance

15. When someone comments unfavourably on my appearance

16. When I see myself in a photograph or on video

17. When I think about what I wish I looked like

18. When I think about how I may look in the future

19. When I am with a certain person

20. During certain recreational activities