Overcoming cancer places the body under a massive amount of physical, emotional and psychological stress. Cancer treatments are often unpleasant and can involve side effects that may change physical appearance, threatening self-confidence, self-esteem, and potentially leading to body image issues. In addition, loss of appetite, feelings of nausea and disruption to the digestive system can lead to weight loss. This may be dangerous at a time when the body desperately needs nutrition to build strength and combat fatigue and overcome the cancer.

The shock of being diagnosed with cancer can be an abrupt wake up call. It can shake the status quo of your life and lead to many life-changing decisions. This may affect close relationships around you, depending on the amount of care and support you need.

There is a negative link between cancer and obesity, and for people who already struggle with disordered eating a diagnosis of cancer may send anxiety levels around food soaring. Healthy food management and education is essential here, together with working through emotional anxiety and fear.

Body image can be negatively affected due to cancer treatment – weight loss, hair loss, skin health. For many people this can be traumatic, meaning nourishing dietary care and psychological support are essential.