Learn strategies to help you feel in control of your eating over the holidays!

  • Christmas, what does the word bring up for you?
  • Do you feel dragged into plans and food that you don’t want?
  • Is this an impossible time of pressure versus joy?
  • How does food affect you and your relationships at Christmas time?
  • This workshop will help you navigate Christmas and eat well

You Will Learn:

  • What realistic expectations of food intake for you over Christmas are
  • The family system of Christmas, and how you fall into this
  • Where you place yourself in this picture, and what you can do about it
  • Survival techniques with family and friends
  • How to express your boundaries in a respectful way
  • How to create an eating plan to get you to 2015 in good shape
  • How stress can have a knock on effect on the way you eat
  • How to feel less desire to eat it, and saying no with a smile