Most Catwalk Models Fit The BMI Criteria For Anorexia

Today, most catwalk models fit the BMI criteria for anorexia. 

The fashion industry consistently markets itself for the skinny and must therefore alienate the vast majority. This seems to make very little sense in the current economic climate and the fact that we are all getting bigger at a very fast rate. Women have always been interested in fashion. Perhaps ladies would be even more inclined to buy if they could relate to what they see on the catwalk?

One wonders why the fashion industry expects everyone to be able to relate to a super skinny model but they do not expect a super skinny person to relate to a larger model. We are constantly bombarded with images from the fashion industry promoting a size 0 and nothing else will do. Perhaps we are getting a little bit weary of this unattainable perfection?

What we would like to see is balance and variety. Whilst no-one would want to encourage a lifestyle which makes you very overweight or obese, it would however be fantastic to have a middle ground and one in which we are all content to be who we are. We’re all different – obviously!