What Is Body Image?

Body image refers to how you personally perceive the appearance of your body in terms of size and shape, as well as, how you feel about your body features.

Your body perception evolves throughout the lifespan and it is influenced by societal and cultural factors. If you feel bad about your body, you may experience body dissatisfaction.

This can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and self-worth, causing anxiety and low mood.

Factors That Influence Body Image

Body dissatisfaction can develop as a result of various environmental factors, such as the family, friends, work colleagues and the media.

People that are in environments where physical appearance plays a particularly important role, or people who receive negative comments about their looks, have a higher chance of experiencing body distress.


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Body Image & Childhood

For many people their poor body image can be connected back to traumatic events and feelings from their past.

Beliefs and decisions that were made back then, continue to recycle in the here and now, creating ongoing anxiety and body image distress in social settings and in relationships with others.

The media often falsely represents an ‘ideal’ body portrait which people try to adhere to, creating unrealistic expectations harder.

Body Image & Eating Disorders

A distorted body image can also lead to disordered eating behaviours, when people perceive themselves fatter or uglier than they really are.

Restrictive dieting and excessive exercising can lead to binge eating and purging actions.

Having a poor body image increases the risk of developing an eating disorder or makes the recovery from such illnesses

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Body Image & Health

Severe weight loss following weight loss surgery, or weight loss due to illnesses such as cancer or digestive disorders, can lead to extreme changes in the way people look.

In these examples, body image distress is linked with health and lifestyle.

Body Image Treatment

At WeightMatters we can help you improve your relationship with your body, and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

  • We will explore the situations from your past that have made an impact on your body image, and how they still affect you today
  • We can identify which events and situations trigger you to have negative body image thoughts and emotions
  • We can teach you how to experience and name your emotions, so that you don’t use food and eating to push them away
  • We can uncover assumptions and distortions in your thinking style, and show you how to create new positive thoughts about your body image
  • We will support you as you build greater confidence to deal with social situations
  • We will teach you how to ‘turn down the volume’ on your inner critical voice, and show you how to experience your body without judgement

Treatment for Body Image

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