Fear of gaining weight can take over your life and can be a constant anxiety that occupies your head space. The preoccupation with your body image can feel crippling. You no longer go out to eat with your friends because you are afraid to lose control. Your ambition to lose weight becomes a self-imposed reality, imprisoning you in your home, in your head.

If this sounds like you, do not be ashamed, you are not alone.

Fear and anxiety around social encounters that involve eating out with others can be a struggle and the fear of gaining weight is shared by many.

Luckily, it is a fear that can be overcome. Strengthening your self-confidence and taming your negative thoughts will help you return to a place where your day is not preoccupied with thoughts of food, exercise, or poor body image.


How Weight Counselling & Therapy Help?

Understanding the reasons behind your low self-esteem will help our team at WeightMatters deconstruct your negative thinking and help you build an inner dialogue that supports positive change. Our weight counselling and therapy can help you appreciate your current body size and shape, as both your mind and weight change.

You are so much more than your weight. Let us hold your fear and anxiety, and together we can make a plan to get your life back. We’ll move at your pace, one step at a time, so that you really integrate change along the way.