The HealthMatters Group journey started in 2005, and today has grown into a health ecosystem that encompasses 4 websites, over 50+ practitioners, trusted medical partners and a collaboration with a leading private hospital.

Our leadership team meets regularly to oversee safe and effective treatment for our clients, growth and development of our practitioners, organisational learning for us as a company, and steady expansion of our services.

Supporting the day-2-day smooth operation and delivery of our services we have various teams that work hard behind the scenes; client support, clinical supervisors, governance, tech team, social media and marketing.

On this page you can meet our wonderful team, and read more about our values as an organisation. We hope you connect with us, and feel safe to entrust us with your treatment, support and care.

We shot this video at one of our recent team training days.

It shares the values we hold as an organisation that shape the relationships we have with each other, and with our clients.


We create an inclusive space that respects difference, offers the chance to connect and creates an experience of belonging.


Leadership Team

Our current Leadership Team has been together for 5 years. We innovate, explore, challenge and discover how best to lead the organisation, develop our team and support our clients.

James Lamper – HealthMatters CEO, Clinical Director & Psychotherapist

James has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has an acute understanding of how the physical, mental, lifestyle and social aspects of our lives interface with each other to create a spectrum of wellbeing. James created the company in 2005, and continues to see some clients as an accredited psychotherapist.

David Cotson – Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Organisational Consultant

Following a successful career leading clinical teams in the NHS, David developed a portfolio of work as an Organisational Consultant, and has developed the governance, culture and a sense of belonging as HealthMatters grows itself as an organisation. 

Sue Camp – Clinical Director, Head Of Nutrition Services & Nutritional Therapist

Sue is a leading presenter in the nutrition sciences world. She brings a curiosity of how current health interfaces with nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellbeing, that shifts the needle either towards wellness or disease. Sue encourages the team to share, grow and learn together.

Amanda Oldershaw – Finance Director

Amanda has spent her whole career working with numbers, and keeps a steady hand on the financial health of the organisation. As finance director she ensures best accounting practices are followed, and brings a caring and personal tone to communication when money becomes a challenge for our clients.


We aspire to provide a warm, nurturing, and safe environment to care for our clients, our colleagues and ourselves.


Clinical Supervisors

Our team of clinical supervisors play an important role in the quality assurance standards we have at HealthMatters. All of our practitioners attend regular supervision, which is our way of ensuring our clients are receiving safe and effective treatment.

Dr Elisabeth Rothaug-Smith

I am a Clinical Psychologist, chartered by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). I obtained a first class honours degree from the University of East London (UEL) where I also completed my doctorate training. My training and qualified experiences includes work with clients across the lifespan and in many different settings, both in the NHS, third sector and private practice.

In addition to my clinical practice, I provide supervision, consultation and reflective practice to fellow psychologists, therapists, counsellors and professionals in health and education settings.

As both a clinician and supervisor, I have a warm and respectful stance with the aim of creating a collaborative space for exploration and learning. I strongly believe that a felt sense of safety and containment is key to creating a space that is conducive of honest exploration and reflection, which in turn informs and enriches our clinical work, but also creates opportunities for further development, learning and growth, both professionally and personally.

Dr Gina Johsnon

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor with over 20 years of experience working within the NHS, social services and as an organisational consultant. Since qualifying I have worked predominantly in the field of learning disabilities, but also have experience of working with adults, children and families, older adults, staff teams and organisations. 

This has enabled me to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills in regard presenting difficulties (anxiety, depression, phobias, eating difficulties, trauma, behaviours of concern, personality/attachment difficulties, relationship difficulties, substance misuse, staff wellbeing) and therapeutic models (CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, Positive Behaviour Support, Reflective Practice, Systemic Consultation and Narrative Therapy). 

In my NHS role, I am a lead psychologist and senior manager. I have been supervising qualified clinical and counselling psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists, as well as trainee clinical psychologists for over 15 years. I am able to draw on my rich clinical and consultation experience in supervision to enable supervisees to reflect on the clinical work they are undertaking, and feel safe to explore dilemmas and the impact of their work from both a professional and personal perspective.   

Dr Natascha Van Zyl

For me, peer support, mentoring and supervision form the cornerstone of effective therapeutic work because it facilitates the development of reflection where clinicians can explore all aspects of their practice in a safe space. Talking through complex clinical cases, ethical dilemmas, red flags, scope of practice, how to establish therapeutic rapport, developing competencies, exploring the latest developments in the literature or simply ‘releasing for self-care’, are important aspects of the supervision process. 

I have been fortunate to work with and supervise students, trainees and clinicians in nursing, pharmacy, midwifery, social work, general practice and allied healthcare (including psychological therapies), nutritional therapy, and CAM since 1995. These experiences have been invaluable and helped me develop a dynamic and collaborative approach with my supervisees, where we explore their professional development needs in a structured way, to help them achieve their goals in clinical excellence.

I look forward to working with clinicians and facilitating their therapeutic journey as they grow as scholar practitioners.’

Hillary Smith

Supervision is a crucial component to ensuring ethical practice, and that is why all practitioners regardless of their experience engage it in. Being a supervisor is valuable to my own psychotherapy practice, as we all learn from one another. To complete the supervision circle, I engage with supervision for my supervisory work. 

My approach as a supervisor mirrors my integrative approach as a psychotherapist. My goal is to support a practitioner with the development of their practice, maintain ethical and professional standards, with a focus on client care and safeguarding, as well as practitioner well-being. Like therapy a trusting and collaborative relationship is key to the supervision being supportive, productive and a space for growth. 

As part of my integrative approach to supervision I have developed the Infinity Model for Supervision. In relation to supervision, infinity represents the continuous necessity for engaging with supervision and the never-ending path of learning and growth for all involved. There are key areas of focus regarding all relationships between the client, practitioner, and the supervisor, including well-being for all involved. Another focus is on the world in which all individuals inhabit and their experience of it, which has an impact on the therapy work and supervision. At the centre is the client, with their needs and goals.


We are committed to learning, growth and development so our treatments provide positive outcomes for our clients.



We have a large team of talking therapists at HealthMatters. Each of our therapists are qualified, and continue to develop their learning and expertise through regular CPD and supervision.

HealthMatters provides ongoing training and development opportunities for the therapy team, and supports each therapist developing their personal therapeutic style. Many therapists explore niche areas of specialism in their career.

Please click on the + Therapists box below, and take some time to explore and connect with our team, and choose who you would like to have a Discovery Session with.


We are committed to organisational learning, and believe in psychological safety to innovate and grow as a team, and develop as a community.



We are proud to have a large nutrition team, that integrates the different perspectives of Clinical Dietitians, Nutritional Therapists, Functional Medicine and Bariatrics.

The diversity of our team, and their enthusiasm to work together, allows the practitioners to grow in confidence as they work with a wider range of health presentations.

The nutrition team receive regular supervision on their clinical work, and HealthMatters provides specialised training to support them working with the therapy team as an MDT, as well as targeted training from laboratory and supplement providers.


We love what we do, connect with warmth and heart, and create a friendly space that welcomes people.



Psychiatry is an important medical partner to the talking therapy services we provide. It gives our clients a safe space to do a deeper dive into their mental health needs, and explore options around how medication may support their qaulity of life.

Metabolic assessment is a necessary option for people who have been struggling with chronic obesity and other health-related comorbidities such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Interventions from weight loss medication to bariatric surgery can be explored.

Our medical team are experienced leaders in their fields, and require continuous CPD and development through their GMC accreditation. They have a warmth in the way they work with clients and patients, which makes them a perfect addition to the HealthMatters team.


We believe in providing you with professional help, care and support.

Our team have high ethical standards, and we invest in training and development.

We are proud of the exceptional quality of service we deliver.

We are registered with one or more of the associations below.

Let us help you feel well.