Psychological and nutritional support for weight loss

What is Reframe?

Reframe is a weight management programme designed by WeightMatters to work with people who want to lose weight and build a better relationship with their mind, body and the food they eat.

Building on over 18+ years of experience of working with obesity and weight related issues, Reframe offers you access to a range of professionals who will provide you with the support you need to approach weight loss in a different way, so you can feel more comfortable with your weight and your body.


Many people choose to work with us, as we listen with compassion to your struggle with weight. It allows us to build a bespoke treatment solution that works for you.

Feel Well

We listen with compassion to your struggle with weight, eating and your health.

Arrange a call with our friendly assessment team, and let us explain how our services can support you.

We value being clear and open about our prices, so please check Our Fees before booking a call.

How will Reframe weight management help me?

Reframe provides you with an opportunity to manage weight loss, and ongoing weight management, with our team of professionals who want to understand you and the relationship you have with food. Our nutrition team will guide you on how to balance nutrition and health, at the same time as a therapist will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions around food and eating. We will support you on your weight loss journey, and help you build a better relationship with your body and your weight.

Is Reframe for me?

Reframe is designed for people who struggle to lose weight. If you have been on a very low calorie diet, lost several stones, and then put all the weight back on again and more, then Reframe is for you.

If you feel your eating is disordered or chaotic in some way, or maybe you sabotage your own weight loss efforts, Reframe can help. Do you reach for food to soothe your emotions or stress, then Reframe will help you take care of yourself in a healthier way.

It is the unique close relationship and teamwork of our psychological and nutritional teams, working together to support you, that makes Reframe a successful and popular weight management programme.

Weight Management at WeightMatters

We are a passionate team of professionals who provide treatment solutions for people who struggle with their weight, eating, food, health or body. At WeightMatters we build on over 25 years’ experience of working with weight and eating issues. Our philosophy stems from really listening to our clients, understanding their struggles and needs, and tailoring our treatment so that you receive the best support and care we can offer. We believe that a holistic approach to eating behaviour and weight is necessary, and our treatment blends the fields of psychology, medicine, nutrition, counseling, psychotherapy and exercise so that your relationship with food and eating can change. Reframe is our complete weight management programme at WeightMatters.

How will I know if Reframe is the programme I need?

When you make your initial enquiry about Reframe, you will be assessed by one of our experienced therapists who will ask you some questions about yourself to help them consider your needs. They will also discuss the options available and help you choose the best programme of support for you.

Our Reframe programme includes a combination of

Weight Loss Counselling
4 x 50 minute sessions

Dietician / Nutritional Therapist
Initial 90-minute session
2.5 hours of flexible time

What does Reframe involve?

Weight and weight issues, tells us that certain ingredients are important for success. Reframe combines working on psychological issues with one of our therapy team, and food management coaching with one of our nutrition team. All of these elements are important in helping you on your journey to improve your relationship with your weight


Our calculator below allows you to choose online rates for your therapy and nutrition team.

There is a small additional charge for any in-person sessions.

If you would like to spread the cost of the programme, there is a £25 admin fee to pay in instalments.