What is Self-Sabotage?

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of comfort eating to soothe how you feel about your body? Do you feel like you are repeating the same old pattern with food, again and again?

Managing Emotions

Our mood is affected by many external factors. We can feel trapped in a relationship, anxious about how others may judge us or stressed to our core by working 12-hour days. Over time, if we struggle to manage our feelings, it can feel like we are drowning. Depression can set in, and food can easily become our drug of choice. It can numb, distract and distance us from how we feel.

Entrenched Habits

Comfort eating can become a habit, the longer it continues, we feel more entrenched and stuck. Weight gain is a natural result of our feasting, but somehow we deny the consequence of our actions. As we get bigger, we become increasingly upset about our weight gain, which in turn leads to ‘feeling fat’ and being disgusted with our body image. What do we do? In some crazy, twisted irony we reach for food to comfort us.

Comfort Eating

There are moments when we come up for air, we can breathe and make sense of what is going on. You feel an urgent drive to diet and lose weight, but of course your need for comfort and eating is so intense, you end up failing. You can see what you are doing, you can see how it makes you feel, but you just can’t stop yourself from doing it. Now you feel angry. Why am I doing this to myself? You replay a movie in your mind, incredulous at the way you self-sabotage your weight loss efforts, and make yourself feel so unhappy.

Critical Inner Voice

Your inner voice now goes into overdrive. Do you have a harsh critic that puts you down, telling you how fat and useless you are? You’ve failed at dieting so many times, why is next time going to be any different. You believe people are judging you, just like you judge yourself. This constant barrage of verbal abuse corrodes your self worth.

Desperate, despairing and feeling hopeless you turn to your trusted companion, food, and the vicious cycle of self-sabotage and comfort eating continues. Feeling trapped and unhappy, depression sets in and maintains the cycle.

Feel Well

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