Breakthrough Days

Get to the root cause of your weight issues


Breakthrough days are extended therapy sessions, designed to help you delve deeper into the underlying psychological factors that may be impacting your relationship with food, eating and body image.

During a breakthrough session, our experienced psychotherapists will gain a better understanding of who you are, and will provide a safe environment for you to explore your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Together, you will have the opportunity to talk in depth and really start to make sense of the root causes of your weight issues.

Feel Well

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Breakthrough days can help you gain a deeper understanding of how external and internal factors have contributed to your self-concept, and how this has shaped changes in your relationship with food, weight, eating and your body through your life.

Many of our clients feel trapped and stuck in damaging self-sabotaging patterns of thinking and behaviour. A safe therapeutic space invites you to unpack the various factors that are maintaining these habits.

A breakthrough day offers a longer block of time that encourages a deeper exploration of these factors, helping you build greater awareness and understanding.

The time allows your therapist to start implementing treatment, in the form of techniques and interventions to help you create positive change.

Some clients choose a single standalone breakthrough day to support their growth and development.


You may find a breakthrough day helpful before you start regular weekly therapy, especially if there is a detailed backstory that you want to share. The longer session offers an opportunity for an in depth assessment.

Your therapist will work together with you to understand your life story and how this has shaped your present day relationship with weight, food, eating and your body.

Working in this way can help you make sense of your unhelpful patterns and behaviours with your eating, and identify clearer ways of how we can help and support you.


As therapy progresses, and your trust in your therapist and the therapeutic process deepens, themes can emerge that require greater holding and focus.

When coming to a breakthrough day later on in therapy, there is an opportunity to spend a committed session on particular issues or concerns you may have.

Offering dedicated time in this way can provide relief and support at a pace you feel comfortable with.


After your initial assessment call with our friendly team, we will book you in for a Discovery Session with one of our therapists.

It is important you feel a good connection with them, as this is an important predictor for positive therapy outcomes. 

Your therapist will explain how they can support you, and together you can plan a breakthrough session to begin your journey to wellness.

We offer two breakthrough day options:

  • Half breakthrough day – 4 hours
  • Full breakthrough day – 8 hours (includes lunch as part of the process)

The costs vary depending on whether you opt for a full or a half day option and which therapist you will be working with.

Therapist Full Day Half Day
James Lamper £1100 £600
Dr Liz Greenaway £900 £500
Andreia Jennings £500