Over 55’s Fitter Than 18-25’s

A recent survey conducted by Ipsos Mori discovered that the over 55’s are exercising on average 28 minutes more per week than the 18-25 age bracket.

Around 1000 people were surveyed.  Some 29% said they would like to do more exercise but were prevented from doing so due to long term health problems.  This shows that the over 55’s would be much more active than their younger counterparts if they were physically able to do so.

It would appear that the Government’s message about exercise being good for us isn’t filtering down  to young people quite as well as it could.

Why are the 18-25’s not exercising as much as the over 55’s?

A few of issues spring to mind.  Children nowadays are far less likely to go outside of their own houses for example to ride a bike than people over the age of 55 would have when they were kids largely due to parent’s fears around safety.  Bottom line is kids just aren’t allowed out like they used to be!  Also, the upsurge in the use of technology seems to be taking it’s toll creating an ever more sedentary lifestyle amongst the young.

Perhaps the over 55’s have more time to exercise, possibly having retired and therefore more able to tend to their exercising needs.  Maybe people who are that bit older tend to take heed of healthy lifestyle messages more than the young who simply think that they are immortal!