Sugar Is Toxic?!

Scientists this week have said that sugar is as toxic as cigarettes and alcohol and should be regulated thus. 

They says that sugary foods are causing illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and liver problems.

Given that these scientists say that sugar contributes to 35 million deaths per year worldwide, should it be controlled through legislations and taxation?

Incredibly, the authors of this article report that obesity is now a bigger problem across the world than malnourishment!  Truly remarkable!

Interestingly they state that not only does sugar make you fat but it also changes metabolism, raises blood pressure, mucks about with hormone levels and harms the liver.  Unpleasant stuff!

The scientists say that the harm done by sugar is similar to the damage done by alcohol which is of course distilled sugar so really we shouldn’t be that surprised.

When reading the comments made by Robert Lustig, a childhood obesity expert from California University, one could be forgiven for thinking that he is talking about a class A drug!  He talks about sugar as being widely available, toxic, abused and harmful to society. See the link?!

Their enthusiasm for taxation is quite remarkable.  They want to see the price of fizzy drinks double, restricting their sale to over 17’s or 18’s and tightening regulations on school vending machines (which incidentally was shown this week to have nothing to do with obesity rates in the UK) – No Evidence Of A Link Between Junk Food And Weight Gain In Schools 

Dr Laura Schmidt also of the California University wants to see the cost and availability of good food easier to obtain.  Great!

The report also points out that sugar consumption has tripled in the last 50 years.  What will happen if this trend continues?

Whilst reading the article today, I got the distinct feeling that we are being beaten around the head yet again for the choices we make where our diets are concerned.  However, the issue is not just about that, the problem is multi-faceted.  We need to take into consideration the responsibility that the food companies have, along with supermarkets and then advertising.  Do we really need to be reminded that we can buy Coca Cola (and other makes)  in the local supermarket and that it tastes good?!

Another issue that needs addressing is the labelling of food.  They are confusing and are very good at hiding the truth.  It is simply outrageous that ready meals, fast food and even bread contain so much salt and sugar.  They want us to become addicted to these products and it looks as though they have their wish! 

The article finishes by asking that if we can ban smoking in public places due to health concerns and put air bags in cars for safety, why can we not make changes in the food industry regarding sugar?  Others have described the report as “puritanical” and that we all just have to take responsibility for our own health.  True, but there’s no harm in trying to get the food industry to take equal responsibility for the amount of sugar they pile into their everyday foodstuffs such as bread!  Next time you buy a loaf, check out the sugar content!  You might be surprised if a little shocked!