Glass of Water the Key to Getting Children to Eat Their Greens?

Sometimes the simple solutions work the best, such an easy idea to implement that could improve the long term health of so many children. 


It could be as simple as giving them a glass of water with dinner rather than a soft drink. A new study has shown that children are more likely to eat their greens if they have a glass of water to drink with the meal.  The researchers from the University of Oregon studied the drinking and vegetable eating habits of 75 three to five year olds, and found that with a glass of water the intake of raw vegetables such as carrots greatly increased. 

The study suggested that early exposure of the palate could influence food choices later in life. So by making it a habit to have water with a meal instead of a soft drink could help with the growing obesity epidemic. Dr Kimberly Espy from the University of Oregon said; “’Addressing the early contributors of unhealthy eating that contribute to obesity is important for our general well-being as a nation and, especially, for improving the nutritional choices our children will make over their lifetimes.”

 The idea is very achievable and with the help of restaurants changing their children’s meal combinations to include water and charging extra for soft drinks could have a far-reaching effect. Furthermore in a time of economic difficulties for many such a simple and cheap lifestyle change could be well received. 

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