The Health Benefits of Desk Breaks


Comment: Although we are aware that our sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to our health it is not always possible to change this. This new research shows how short bursts of exercise done throughout the day can help to lower insulin and glucose levels helping to reduce risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. 



Research: We regularly hear about how our sedentary lifestyles are putting us at risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Now new research has shown how we help lower this risk, the answer is taking desk breaks. 

The research used 60 healthy people adults of normal weight who were split up into 3 groups. The first groups experienced prolonged sitting over 9 hours, the second exercised for half an hour before sitting, and the third took a short (1 minute 40) walk every half an hour. All groups were also given a meal replacement drink at set intervals. 

The results showed that those who took regular breaks had much lower insulin and glucose levels than those who did one lot of exercise and those who did nothing. The lower levels show that they have more control over their glycaemic levels which can have other health benefits as well. 


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