Healthy Weight During Pregnancy is Essential


Comment: Previous research has looked at how a pregnant mothers obesity can affect their child’s metabolism and appetite control, now new research highlights again just how important it is to be a a healthy weight during pregnancy.



Research: There has recently been research that shows the link between a mother being obese during pregnancy and the changes in metabolism and appetite control that this has on their children, now new research looks at the link between a mothers weight and their child’s risk of heart disease.

Research in Scotland looked at data for 28,540 women whose weight was recorded at their antenatal check-up and their children who are now aged between 34-61. 

It found that those whose mothers were obese had a 35% higher risk of prematurely dying from heart disease compared to those whose mothers were at a healthy weight. Those same children were also 42% more likely to be treated in hospital for other conditions such as heart attacks or strokes. 

Researchers say that this research highlights how important current advice to prospective mothers is to be of a healthy weight and exercise during pregnancy. 

Prof Stephen O’Rahilly from the University of Cambridge points out that obesity does run in families so those who had obese mothers were more likely to be obese themselves, thus causing the increased risk. The research in question did not measure the children’s weight or take this into account.

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