Achieving Your Real Weight



It is not so much a question of what weight you want to be, based on other people you have seen, usually in magazines and on tv, but rather what weight you should be. The weight that is right for your body.

Dr John-Michel Cohen who is a nutritionist and author gives his tips for finding your ideal natural weight. 

1) Be realistic 

Although you may see pictures and dream of such a body, your expectations need to be realistic. If your aim is too slim, you will probably end up putting some of the weight you have lost back on, by being realistic you will feel more successful in your achievements and wont get so discouraged.

2) Don’t be too tough on yourself

Most people stop dieting because they get sick of not being able to indulge their craving, once in a while give yourself a treat and know that it wont be the end of the world. 

3) Be a better shopper

Is a simple one but can have a big difference, if you are buying more fresh food and veg you will be eating more fresh food and veg. Also a tip to create your shopping list after you have eaten, by not being hungry you will not feel the need to buy so much food. 

4) Relax to succeed

The final tip is to not get too stressed out about it, try and stay relaxed and you will see better results. 


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