Diet pills health warning





Unregulated selling of diet pills can have extreme consequences – buying fat loss and weight loss pills online is risky and has lead to many deaths.


Banned substances are being sold online and they have caused a number of casualties.


Always consult a doctor and ask for advice before taking any medication and be extra careful with inflated promises of quick weight loss.


Exaggerated claims of fast fat and weight loss should immediately raise suspicion; one drug in particular, DNP, was linked to the death of a number of young people.


DNP raises the body’s metabolism but has dramatic negative effects on people’s health, in some cases causing death. It was withdrawn from the market shortly after its introduction in 1938, however some body builders have been using it in the last few years buying it from the black market.


DNP’s main toxic effects are increasing the heart rate, damage to the nervous system and excessive sweating and dehydration. The selling of DNP is illegal and the Food Standards Agency is cooperating with the police to stop the selling and purchasing of this drug online. People are actively encouraged to report websites selling illegal weight loss drugs to the police.