The power of polyphenols






Polyphenols are the compounds found in grapes and research studies have found that they have a protective action against diseases such as cardio-vascular disease and cancer.


Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants and most of their potency can be found in the skin of grapes: in fact the skins are rich in resveratrol which has been found to help fight cancer.


Additionally, the seeds in grapes contain proanthocyanidins which are better than vitamin C in terms of their antioxidant action.


Research studies tested concentrated grape powder and its effect on blood circulation discovering that it helped the arteries walls to relax therefore aiding blood flow. Grape powder was also linked to the lowering of high blood pressure compared to a placebo. Even drinking grape juice regularly had a beneficial effect on the arteries and circulation.


Grape juice is also linked to prevention and reduction of free radical damage and tests found that it is particularly useful in slowing breast cancer cells growth. Grape seed extract is linked to a reduction in prostate cancer risk.


Finally grape juice has been found to be beneficial in improving cognitive functions like memory in the elderly.


No sour grapes then for this fantastic antioxidants-packed superfood!