Women Pressurising Women Blog

Blog for Women Pressurising Women Workshop – 28th June 2014

Deborah Fields

Women on women came up as a topic after many discussions with women. We read all the time that men think peach is a fruit, not a colour, that your bum may look big in that dress but he loves it, that men prefer curves, that we’re appreciated for all of us. Something however happens to us and we can’t believe that. 

Part of this workshop is sexist, stereotypical, uncomfortable even, as  that’s the point. What is going on that we pressure ourselves and each other as women? I remember standing on a playground once and an acquaintance  stood by me and nodded towards a woman wearing daisy duke type denim shorts. She was probably a size 20 and clearly loved her shorts.  Her happiness and confidence were evident. The acquaintance whispered, blimey, she shouldn’t be wearing those, don’t you think? I was genuinely shocked. 

When are we going to stop comparing, using a stereotype of perfectionism, or an airbrushed photo to hurt ourselves with. This workshop will start the question rolling of what’s going on for you and what is it about women that means it’s ok to have a go at another woman. Culturally, in the family, amongst friends, Mums and daughters and internally. 

Grab a bag of tools to start challenging this issue!



Sign up for the workshop here: https://weightmatters.co.uk/workshops/women-pressurising-women/