Why wait until the New Year?

How does your thinking change as you head towards the Holiday Season?


Some people will be thinking ‘oh no, it’s the party season, this is time for fun, weight loss forget it, I’ll pay the price in the New Year.’


Other people will be thinking ‘oh no, it’s that time of year again, and I don’t want to lose control like I did last year – it made me feel lousy about myself. So this year I’m going to start a healthy eating and exercise programme now!’


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all loom so close to each other on the Calendar, it is a nightmare for our waistlines! But what motivates you to think in a certain way?


If the pain of missing out on ‘having fun and letting your hair down’ is greater than ‘starting the new year with a fat and bloated tummy’ chances are you will hit December with guns blazing!


If the pain of ‘feeling self-loathing, again, that you are fat, unattractive and weak’ is greater than the two scenarios above, you will probably do what lots of people are doing now – they hit December with a recovery and survival plan. They want a different outcome this Holiday Season.


You might be surprised to know that December is a busy month in the WeightMatters Clinic – not as busy as January granted – but more and more people get so stressed with the idea of being out of their controlled environment, usually with family members that can trigger them to eat badly.


So how to you look at the Holiday Season? What’s your pain? How do you want get through to 2010? Same old, same old – or do you want a new positive experience?


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