Getting ready for eating at Christmas Blog

The holiday season is soon upon us, and this can be a time of focus and pressure not just on eating, but also on families and relationships. So how can you look after yourself and enter 2012 in a stronger and happier place?

Planning will help. Get proactive and think about the difficulties that may come up during the Holidays. Make a list of all the things that may be challenging, and then come up with a solution/s to help you get through these situations in a positive way.

Food is an item of pleasure for many people, so look around you and discover all the other things that give you pleasure – walking in nature, playing with children, lighting scented candles or listening to great music (Kate Bush’s new album ’50 Words For Snow’ does it for me!).

Finally, keep self-esteem and self-worth high by focusing on all the things that you have achieved in 2011 and recognizing all the things in your life for which you are grateful.

Embrace the spirit of the Holidays to nurture, support and soothe you through the month ahead.