A Positive Outlook Can Lead To Longer Life

A recent study has shown that a positive outlook and being happy could lead to a longer life. I don’t think we will find that information surprising. However, this had been quite a big study. 

4000 people were studied over a 5 year period aged between 52 and 79. It was found that those who were more happy and content than their more gloomy counterparts had a lower risk of premature death. 

University College in London asked participants to record their feelings of happiness and anxiety during the day. The number of deaths was then recorded over the 5 year time period. 

The results showed that people who were happy and positive had a 35% less chance of dying early than the unhappy participants. 

Researchers took age, gender, disease, depression and other health related issues into account. 

The University of Illinois had previously found that positive thinking makes the immune system stronger by reducing stress related hormones. 

Are you a glass half empty kind of person or a glass half full kind of person? 

Maybe we should all try and look on the bright side more often as it really does appear to be beneficial!