Do your New Year’s Resolutions Need A Re-think?

So, on New Years Eve you decided on some New Years Resolutions.  You thought to yourself that you are going to give up the fags, cut down on alcohol, lost some weight and run a marathon!  It started OK, in fact for 2 whole weeks you manage it and think to yourself, great, I can do this!  Then “Blue Monday” happens or “The most dressing day of the year” hits and you think think, what the heck am I doing this for?!  Then February comes round and it’s dark, gloomy and depressing so you give up entirely.
So now we’re well into March and the signs of Spring have sprung and it’s time to get back on track.
*  Set a goal – 5K, 10K or a 1/2 marathon.  Book it in advance so you’ve got something to aim for.  Then set up a training plan and schedule it into your diary.  if it’s booked, you gotta do it!
*  Make running a daily routine.  How about running to and from your place of work as your daily commute? Structure it into certain days of the week, make it routine or “normal” and habitualise it.
*  Choose a realistic weight goal and time line.  Break it down!  1-2 lbs per week in 3kg chunks and no more at any one time is much more attainable than staring 3 stones in the face and thinking it’s just not doable!  That way you are much more likely to stick with it and succeed.
*  Fuel your exercise and your body.  Eat little and often with low GI carbs to maintain even blood sugars and metabolism.  Watch your portion sizes eg 50g porridge or muesli, 1 large slice of wholemeal bread, eggs, 3/4 tbsp of grains, 1 cup of pasta.  High insulin levels stop fat cells from releasing fat which is not what you want!  You must eat carbs!  May people are “carb-o-phobic” believing that if they eat them they will gain excess weight but the truth is that we need some as well as some good proteins.  Also, don’t be tempted to skip a meal as this will very quickly slow down your metabolism, you will be hungry and therefore tempted to over eat at the next opportunity. 
*  Reward yourself!  It really doesn’t have to be all hard slog!  Yes, hard work pays off but it’s just as important to relax and have fun.  Treat yourself each time you reach a goal.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant and cost the earth.  Simply giving yourself permission to do as you please for a day can be so uplifting, freeing and rewarding!
*  Enjoy your achievements.  After all, it’s you that’s put the work in.  Enjoy the great outdoors and look forward to some summer sun!