Further Evidence in the Link Between Obesity and Mental Decline



Researchers have found a new link between obesity and mental decline. 

For years people have been saying I’m ok as I may be overweight but I’m healthy. This link is saying there is a direct mental health consequence relating to cognitive ability.  

Does this article act as motivation?

Posted by Deborah Fields



A study using 6,401 participants has found a link between obesity and mental decline. The people studied were all middle aged, obese, had high blood pressure and further risk factors. 

This adds to previous research that has looked at the link of obesity and dementia later in life. In this research the participants all underwent cognitive tests at three points over ten years. 

“In the last 10 years or so, people started suggesting you could be fit and fat—you could be obese and metabolically healthy and have no health risk. All of these [obese] individuals, whether they were metabolically healthy or not healthy, had a poor cognitive profile.” Said the lead researcher Archana Singh-Manoux.


Original article can be found at: http://mobile.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/health/120821/obesity-may-hasten-mental-decline# (Written by Stacey Leasca, 21/8/12)