Lower Your Risk of Bowel Cancer



Two new studies that show how diet can once again be used to help prevent against forms of cancer. Although not an exact science sometimes being able to do what you can in prevention can feel good. 

Posted by James Lamper



There have been new studies looking into the links between omega-3 and magnesium intakes and your risk of bowel cancer risk.

The first study used data from 7 studies looking at 489,465 people overall. The results showed that men with higher omega-3 intakes were reducing their risk of colorectal cancer. This connection was only seen in women. 

The second study looked at whether dietary intakes of magnesium could protect you from colorectal cancer. Participants answered questions to figure out their intakes of magnesium. The results showed a link between higher magnesium intakes and a lower risk of bowel tumours, but the link was not statistically significant. However for every 100mg more of magnesium taken in daily there was a 13% lower risk of colorectal adenomas and a 12% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

The results from these studies show that diets rich in omega-3 and magnesium could help with cancer prevention. 


For more information see: Xiao-Jian S et al. (2012) British Journal of Nutrition [Epub ahead of print] and Wark PA et al. (2012) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 96: pg 622-31.

Article can be found here: http://www.nutrition-communications.com/news_detail.php?news_id=315