The Big Secret



 The issue of men and weight and dieting has long been quite secretive, would helping to make the issue less female focus help them to achieve their goals, and not in secret but also for more men to be able to get the help they may need for their eating habits?



A survey has found that one in three men would not say that they were on a diet, the world of men dieting is secret but increasingly common. 

A researcher from Surrey says that the first rule of dieting in an office is to still accept every treat that is offered to you, but in smaller portions. This way people do not pick up on the fact that you may be dieting. 

A survey of 600 men found that 90% of them wanted to lose weight and that one in three would not say they were dieting even to close family or friends. 

Most men do not want to admit they are dieting because this means that they also have to admit they have a problem with food. Younger men are more willing to talk about weight and food problems but diet is a term that has for a long time been only associated by women so they find it emasculating. 

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