Heart Problems and Vegetarianism



A study has shown that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from heart problems and are more likely to be of a healthier weight.

Those as with many of these things becoming a vegetarian is not a quick fix.



A study has found that there is a link between vegetarians and heart disease.

The study carried out in England and Scotland looked at 44,500 people and found that those who were vegetarians were 32% less likely that meat eaters to need treatment or die from a heart disease. 

Heart disease is a large problem, in the UK it is the cause of 94,000 deaths per year.

The study also found that the vegetarians had lower blood pressure, lower levels of bad cholesterol and they were more likely to be a healthy weight. 

Dr Francesca Crowe from the University of Oxford said, “The main message is that diet is an important determinant of heart health.”

Though The British Heart Foundation were careful to remind people that becoming a vegetarian would solve their health problems. “But remember, choosing the veggie option on the menu is not a shortcut to a healthy heart. After all, there are still plenty of foods suitable for vegetarians that are high in saturated fat and salt. If you’re thinking of switching to a vegetarian diet, make sure you plan your meals carefully so that you replace any lost vitamins and minerals, such as iron, that you would normally get from meat.”

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