5-a-day Improves Immune Function in Older People

Comment: We know that 5-a-day fruits and veggies are good for our health, but this interesting research study explores why 5-a-day is vital for the immune function of elders.



New research shows that eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily can provide immune benefits for older people who usually have a lower intake of fresh produce. The Ageing and Dietary Intervention Study randomised 83 healthy volunteers with low fruits and vegetable (FV) intakes, less than 2 portions per day, into two separate groups. One group increased their FV intake to more than 5 portions daily while the other group remained with their normal diets. The study continued for 16 weeks. Markers were taken at the beginning and end to measure any changes in immune function while an immune challenge (tetanus and pneumonia vaccines) were given at week 12. The study showed many immune benefits for Group 1 that raised their FV daily consumption. After the immune vaccine was given, total immunoglobulin G and antibody binding significantly increased in Group 1 but not Group 2, indicating a stronger immune response in those who ate 5 portions of FV daily. No other significant differences were found. Original article: Nutrition Communications http://www.nutrition-communications.com/news_detail.php?news_id=332