Is there such a thing as a “healthy meal”?


Comment: in a recent article the BBC displayed a picture of “the ultimate healthy meal” and then described which food groups were essential for good health.

So far, so good. However… When you scroll down in the food group table, sugar and fizzy drinks are featured in the “energy” section. The article then quickly takes a step back saying that sugar can cause tooth decay and that cakes and biscuits should be eaten in moderation.

In the food groups table the recommended quantity of sugary foods and drinks is one portion a day. It would have been better not to feature sugar as a separate category and only recommend complex carbohydrates from high fibre grains.


How do you feel when you have a “healthy meal”? Virtuous? Energised?

And what happens when you have a slice of cake? Guilty? Naughty?

We would love to hear your thoughts.


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