More Signs of Eating Disorders to Look out for





Continuing from the previous post about Signs of Eating Disorders, here’s 5 more symptoms to look out for.


6 Dry Skin


Both bulimia and anorexia sufferers will have dry, patchy skin due to dehydration, lack of nutrients especially fats and abuse of laxatives.


Another physical symptom is Russell’s sign, the appearance of calluses and lesions on the knuckles caused by purging.


7 Feeling Constantly Cold


Malnutrition will make a person feel cold all the time; this is more likely in anorexia sufferers rather than people with bulimia. Needing to wear thick jumpers even in summer is an indication that the body has become unable to keep warm by itself as body fat reserves have become too low.


8 Swollen Cheeks


The parotid glands, ie the neck glands that produce saliva, can become swollen because of regular purging. This will make someone’s cheeks look puffy.


9 Orthorexia or Fixation with “Safe” Foods


People with orthorexia tend to be obsessed with the quality of the food they ingest. They often end up only eating the same foods to feel in control.


10 Eating Rituals


People with eating disorders can display a series of obsessive compulsive behaviours. For example, they may need to eat always with the same set of cutlery or spending too much time cutting up food on the plate to buy time before putting food in their mouth.



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