Healthy Breakfast – A Case for Muesli




The sugar conundrum, can foods that are naturally high in sugar still be good for us? Many foods that are naturally sweet such as dried fruit, fruit juice and honey have come under fire recently. Though a recent article by C. Ruxton  2014 is out to defend one such food that has come under scrutiny. 

Muesli is a popular breakfast choice and as Ruxton claims despite its naturally higher sugar content it is still a healthy breakfast option that provides multiple health benefits. 

The benefits from muesli include its high fibre content, in studies diets that are high in fibre have been associated with a lowered risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. Muesli has also been found to be a source of potassium, phosphate, iron, maganese and folate. Muesli also contains nuts and dried fruits which also have associated health benefits. 

Although muesli can have a high sugar content it needs to be judged on more than just that as overall the nutritional and health benefits make muesli a healthy breakfast option. 

Full Research: Ruxton C (2014) Complete Nutrition 14(2): 43-45.