Be Proud and Change your Life with Support from Others

‘Hearing it spoken aloud, another person who was expressing exactly what I was going through was a breakthrough for me. I no longer felt alone. Somehow for the first time, I believed there might be a way out of this’. Katie (Eating Disorder Group attendee).

As you stand at the cupboard door, devouring the last custard cream out the bottom of the biscuit tin, feeling momentary pleasure before the guilt and shame descends; it is likely that you are feeling very, very alone. When you sit in your room with your mind spinning constantly about what to eat at your next meal, it may feel that no-one else could possibly understand your thoughts. Others seem so carefree and at ease with food.

Having an eating disorder can trap you in a prison of loneliness and isolation. You might fear judgement when you consider being more open about your struggles. You may feel that you have a secret life. You feel guilty and ashamed of this other part of you that you keep hidden from view. You also feel wary of letting others in and what this might mean.

On the other hand, you have had enough. You wish for an escape route. A part of you longs to be understood and to share your struggles. You yearn to unburden your thoughts and get help to make sense of them. You feel stuck in changing things by yourself and your head feels in a constant whir.

When you have an eating problem, you will undoubtedly feel alone. You might feel that no-one else could relate to you and that you are unique or flawed in your struggles. The truth is different though. Eating disorders are sadly increasingly common and many people feel in a difficult relationship with food. A way to bring about personal change whilst also gaining support from others can be through a group. Sharing your struggles with others who experience similar issues; gaining ideas and inspiring hope can be a turning point in changing your relationship with food and helping you to recover from your eating disorder. It can also bring about immense relief to recognise that others have been there too and have found a way out.

For Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 (#EDAW2015), WeightMatters is launching an Under-eaters and an Over-eaters support group.

Five reasons to sign up now: –

  1. If you sign up this week before 7pm on Sunday 1st March, your place for the first group session will be absolutely FREE!
  2. You will gain valuable support from others who struggle as you do.
  3. You will learn practical skills and coping strategies to manage your eating better, both from group members and from the group facilitator.
  4. You will be inspired and motivated by others in the group as you make changes.
  5. You will start to break free from your eating problem.

We are offering FREE places if you sign up this Eating Disorders Awareness week, so please get in touch today and email to secure your place. We look forward to hearing from you.