I need weight loss counselling

Have you ever been through swings of weight loss, where you feel good and positive about yourself, and weight gain, where you feel bad, ashamed and hopeless that you will ever lose weight and keep it off? Weight loss counselling is something many new clients ask for, as they feel they have been living a life of continuous yo-yo dieting. They want to break the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating, restriction and bingeing.

Weight loss counselling puts your weight front and centre of your therapy. Your eating may well be connected to other issues in your life, but it is so important to listen and understand how you feel about your weight. What is it like to be the size you are? When do you feel out of control of your eating? How do you feel after a binge and you realise you have gained weight? All these questions are important, as you live with your weight every day.

We have a vast range of tools, skills and tips we can share with you to help you feel more in control of your eating. As you reduce the frequency and intensity of your disordered eating, your distress will reduce and your weight loss counselling can start to explore what is behind your eating behaviour.

Emotional eating, stress eating, comfort eating, compulsive eating – whatever your description, it is important to change your thinking, feelings and behaviour around your weight, eating and body image. Weight loss counselling offers you the space to do this. With your therapist you will create outcomes for your therapy, and together you will build a roadmap to help you rebalance the way you eat and the way you feel about your weight.

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