NICE says to GPs to be nice to fat people





We must stop discrimination based on weight. In a recent Daily Mail headline, GPs were urged to be nicer to fat people coming to their local surgery for advice.


New guidelines are being issued for doctors to be more sympathetic and respectful to patients experiencing weight problems.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is issuing guidelines for the management of overweight and obese adults and their treatment. The guidelines also cover topics like the emotional issues related to weight loss and how shedding even a minimal amount of weight can have great consequences for a patient’s mood and confidence. The guidelines include advice on healthy living and the role of healthcare. Health professionals have to be aware of the effort that weight loss requires and to be supportive to their patients by avoiding a blame culture. Lifestyle weight management it’s about gradual weight loss through diet and exercise with weekly and monthly goals that are realistic. Lifestyle weight management is also about preventing weight gain in the future and maintaining a healthy weight. Group and individual weight management programmes are also covered.


Here at Weightmatters we accept and understand that our size is a way of communicating to others how we feel. We work with individuals either on a one-to-one basis or in groups.


We are running a workshop called Does size matter in your relationship on 16th November and we will be covering the topic of size and what does it mean to be overweight in a relationship


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