Latest findings on Omega 3, chocolate and the Mediterranean diet






Some interesting research has been published recently on Omega 3, chocolate and the Mediterranean diet.


Omega 3 has been found to be beneficial for chronic conditions, attention deficit disorder in children and cognitive function for the elderly. Although more research is needed, the average daily intake of Omega 3 is still below the recommended level. (Flock MR et al. (2013) Nutrition Reviews Vol. 71, pg 692-707; Ruxton CHS et al. (2013) Complete Nutrition Vol. 13, pg 85-87; and Ruxton CHS et al. (2013) NHD mag Vol. 88, pg 17-19. )


The Mediterranean diet has long been associated with lower risks of heart disease, cancer and cognitive degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. The Mediterranean diet relies on fresh produce, fish, healthy fats, carbohydrates and a moderate amount of meat.


In a study published earlier in 2013, the US Health Professionals Follow-up Study and Nurses’ Health Study, 6,137 men and 11,278 women diagnosed with heart disease were assessed on their diets for 7 years. Those who followed a Mediterranean-type diet showed a reduction in risk of mortality by 7%. (Lopez-Garcia E et al. (2013) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)



Finally, studies have found that chocolate does have mood-enhancing properties – a comparative study demonstrated that chocolate either improves mood or helps reduce negative emotions. Compounds in chocolate alter brain activation patterns. Scholey et al. (2013) Nutrition Reviews



As we all know, chocolate is best consumed in moderation.


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