Do You Struggle To Lose Weight?

More and more people struggle with their weight and obesity. A continuous failure to lose weight can result in feeling fat, hopeless, struggling with poor self-esteem and a general feeling of deprivation as a result of constantly following strict diet plans.

Some people may find it easy to lose weight just by following a calorie-deficit diet and becoming more active. However, many people struggle to lose weight. We often associate eating with certain feelings, life events and experiences, making it hard to separate emotions from eating. For some people, weight issues appear in adult life, but others have been struggling with their weight for most of their life.


Who Is Weight Loss Counselling For?

Yo-yo dieting, weight gain and self-sabotage can negatively impact our self-worth, body image and our health.

  • Have you tried every single diet that exists?
  • Have you lost weight, and then gained it all back, making you feel helpless and frustrated?
  • Are you concerned that your weight is negatively affecting your health?
  • Do you feel ashamed of being overweight?

If you are experiencing these feelings, then weight loss counselling is for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Weight Loss Therapy?

Weight loss counselling can help you change your eating behaviour by giving you the necessary practical tools and skills to learn how to eat intuitively and break old eating habits. Weight loss therapy can help you improve your physical health and lower your risk for weight-related health complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Through weight loss counselling you can learn how to distinguish emotions from eating and explore new ways to deal with feelings and day-to-day life situations. It will help you challenge your negative inner self-talk, and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

How WeightMatters Can Help

At WeightMatters we offer a supportive environment where our expert team of counsellors and psychotherapists can help you unravel food myths, build a healthy relationship with food and support you in following a balanced diet that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Our therapists understand the struggle of losing weight and the hopelessness and frustration of dieting failures. Our therapists are here to listen, educate, support you and be respectful. We have experience working with clients of many backgrounds, cultures, and different languages. Our weight loss counselling combines nutritional knowledge with psychological support to help you reach your goals and our therapists will personalise each session to help meet your specific needs.

Learn more about our team of counsellors to find a therapist who is right for you.