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The New Superfood in Town


Comment: We are all aware of superfoods and the benefits that can come from them, but who would have thought that the next big one could be from a prickly weed in Scotland. Researchers are looking for ways to incorporate the Sea buckthorn berry into foods, how do you enjoy your superfoods?



Research: We have all heard of goji berries and the wonders they do for us, but have you heard about the next big superfood? Sea buckthorn which is widespread around the Scottish coast could be the next big thing. Billed as containing for vitamin C than a kiwi fruit and more vitamin E than a soya bean, the little orange berries are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

These berries are already popular in some parts of the world but have been mostly left alone in Scotland where there have been problems associated with harvesting the berries and also how best to eat them. 

For a number of years now researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh have been working with various small food manufacturers to find the best ways to incorporate the berries into our food. 

Dr Mary Warnock from the university said "We are excited that our work in this area is changing the reputation of this undervalued plant to one which can add nutritional value to the Scottish diet"

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