Eating Disorders

Having an eating disorder can feel very lonely and isolating. Many sufferers try to keep their behaviours a secret because they feel shame and embarrassment about what they do, or because they believe other people will judge them.

You may feel that your disordered eating behaviour gives you a sense of control when life gets a little crazy. You may also feel the contradiction of knowing that what you do is not healthy and not what you want for your life, but at the same time you feel your eating disorder gives you a feeling of power and strength.

Or perhaps you have a friend, partner or child who suffers from an eating disorder. You may not understand the best way to support them, and feel helpless watching them suffer from the ravages of their disordered eating.

Eating Disorders Treatment

The WeightMatters eating disorder treatment programme takes the holistic approach of dealing with you as a whole person. We work with you collaboratively, at a pace that feels right, tailoring our approach to match your needs as we go.

We work with clients to slowly adapt what they eat to create optimal levels of blood sugar and brain chemistry. This produces a more positive mood, which allows us to then work with changing behaviours, explore emotions and slowly uncover thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that can keep you stuck in an eating disorder. We will explore the root issues behind your eating behaviour, which may have developed as a defense to deal with difficult situations, relatiosnhips or emotions. As we progress through this journey, you will feel your self-esteem and self-worth grow, which in turn allows us to work on areas such as lifestyle and body image. We will help you develop new ways of thinking and give you a toolkit of skills to help you deal with the ups and downs of life so that you no longer need to use food to make yourself feel better. Our eating disorder treatment diagram, to your right, shows some of the areas we cover that may be involved in your treatment and path to recovery.

Successful recovery from an eating disorder means your commitment to stay the course of the journey. We will be your guide on this journey, and it is important that you feel you can trust us as we support you, step by step. That is why we offer a FREE 30 MINUTE SESSION so you can meet us, ask any questions you have and be able to make a more informed decision if our therapists are right for you.

Our treatment will be designed to fit your unique combination of presenting issues.

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