Christmas should not be all about Food: How to Cope if you have an Eating Disorder




We are being bombarded with TV adverts and programmes about food, food and more food at Christmas.


From how to plan your perfect Christmas meal to endless adverts for chocolates, cakes and anything foodie under the sun.


Yet, Christmas should not be all about food. It’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones or, if you are not traditional, to be with friends or travel. Christmas can also be a lonely time for someone.


Does food replace feelings?


This year you can take the opportunity to explore your feelings instead of hiding them.


If you suffer from anorexia, prepare by talking to your loved ones and get some professional advice. You should never feel you’re struggling alone, there is help out there.


If you are trying to lose weight, talk about your needs. Motivate others to go for long walks – they can be a good opportunity for bonding as a family. Ask for help.


If you need to, prepare your own meal and bring it to your family gathering so you can still all sit together.


If there’s an argument at the table, express your feelings and say how it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you need space to think, you are entitled to leave and come back later.


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Words by Paola Bassanese