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Link betweet gut bacteria health and prevention of obesity and diabetes


Comment: Diets relying on ready meals and processed foods have been linked to a rise in obesity and diabetes. A new study has found that a type of gut bacteria could protect against obesity and diabetes. We must stress that healthy eating and exercise remain the main answer to fight obesity and diabetes, however you can make informed food choices to improve your digestive health.


Choosing the right prebiotics, ie, the foods containing fibre that can help protect the intestines, can boost the metabolism and reduce inflammation in the body.


A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the levels of gut bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila were compromised in obese and type-2 diabetic mice, but feeding the mice oligofructose prebiotics reversed the damage.


The colon hosts about 500 different types of bacteria making approximately 95% of the cells in our body (


Prebiotics are the foods that feed the “good” bacteria in the gut and they include:


  • artichokes,

  • garlic,

  • leeks,

  • onions,

  • bananas,

  • asparagus

  • Jerusalem artichokes


Researchers found that improving the health of gut bacteria can also have a positive and protective effect on the gut, while reducing inflammation and fat storage.


The Akkermansia muciniphila could be used in the treatment of obesity and diabetes alongside a personalised diet programme that includes plenty of prebiotic foods.




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