Weight Loss Counselling

Emotional support for your weight issues, and practical tools for changing eating behaviour

What Is Weight Loss Counselling?


Weight loss counselling is a space where you can unpack and unload the burden of your struggle with weight, size and feeling heavy.

We believe it is important that you tell us how your relationship with food and eating makes you feel, sharing with us your day-2-day thoughts and actions in attempting to lose weight.

Our weight loss counselling also provides you with practical solutions, tips and skills to support you in changing your eating behavior. Breaking habits, laying down new behavior pathways and updating your broken thinking are all areas we will work on together.

We will monitor your eating using food diaries, and help you to rebalance your eating so that you feel full and no longer get hijacked with cravings.

Weight Loss Counselling At WeightMatters


Here are some of the key things weight loss counselling at WeightMatters can give you:

  • strategies to get out of the diet trap
  • a space to be heard and understood
  • learn how to separate emotions from eating
  • mend your broken thinking
  • find new ways to soothe your feelings
  • learn how to break habits
  • challenge negative inner self-talk
  • build self-worth and self-confidence

Is Weight Loss Counselling For Me?


Weight loss, yo-yo dieting, weight gain and emotional eating are all stations on an emotional rollercoaster – once you get on it is very difficult to get off. This has a huge effect on our self-worth, body image and our health.

Have you been on every diet going? Have you lost weight, gained weight and feel full of self-loathing and doomed to a life of being overweight? Do you feel ashamed about being fat, or being called obese? Are you feeling hopeless, frustrated and helpless in being able to lose weight. Do you feel like a failure?

Over time our self-belief becomes eroded and we focus on our lifetime of weight loss failures, leaving little space in our head to focus on what we can do to change our situation. If this sounds like your story, then weight loss counselling is for you.

“I feel like I have struggled with my weight for my entire life, and I got to the point where I didn’t know if I could ever change it

Working with the Weightmatters Practice has helped me realise that my problems with weight had nothing to do with food.

With their support, I am finally losing weight, finding perspective and feeling better about myself. The best part is that this time, I know, my weight loss is permanent.”

Susan 50*

Happy client

How Can Weight Loss Counselling Help Me?


Weight loss counselling helps you dump and let go of your dieting history. It is a chance to start with a fresh canvas and learn how to eat intuitively.

A place where you can clear out myths and food rules, and start to build a healthy relationship with eating that meets the needs you have around your family, culture and social life.

Our team will help you feel free and liberated to eat well, eat clean and feel happy as you start losing weight and rebalance your life. It is time to let go of your negative inner selftalk, self-sabotaging behaviours and low self-worth. Weight loss counselling will help you transform your life and once again find happiness.


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