There are certain conditions, such as heart disease and heart attacks, that

can potentially affect men more frequently than women. In addition there are a number of diseases and conditions that affect sexual organs (prostate, testicles and penis) that are specific to men.

Men are notoriously poor at taking care of their health, and are far less likely to visit a doctor than women. They are less likely to ask for advice on either physical or emotional problems.  

Often men have symptoms particularly related to bowel habits, which they ignore. If left undiagnosed, this can lead to life threatening diseases. With increasing levels of obesity, the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease increases. Latest research suggests men are suffering increasingly from body image issues more frequently associated with women.

Mens’ health needs continue to develop and change throughout the course of your life.  It is vital we listen carefully to your concerns and current life set up, so we can tailor our treatment to work for you in your lifestyle. Working long hours, business lunches, little time to exercise are familiar barriers that we can work around with you to promote an optimal health plan.