Recent research suggests that the number of men suffering from severe forms of body dissatisfaction has increased threefold in the last twenty-five years.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is present when a person is excessively concerned about defects they perceive in their physical features or body shape. The defect may be negligible to others, but for the sufferer it may result in a massive amount of distress, ultimately affecting their ability to cope with normal daily activities such as holding down a job or maintaining relationships. Sufferers may dedicate much time and effort in an attempt to eradicate the perceived problem

Adolescents are particularly sensitive about appearance, and serious body image issues may originate when the sufferer is a teenager. Unfortunately, many men fail to reveal their symptoms either because of shame or unshakable belief that their perception of their body is accurate. This can result in feelings of isolation and difficulties in forming lasting relationships.

In the case of men, the preoccupations tend most frequently to be around the face or skin, such as acne scarring, hair loss or preoccupation around the size of their genitals. Weight can also be a factor, as men with a naturally slight build may struggle to build muscle. This can promote body image issues, which may lead to the abuse of muscle building supplements or steroids. Men who struggle to control their weight may also be subject to depression and anxiety around their body shape.

Cases of bulimia and anorexia are growing in men of all ages, and an integral part of these disorders is a dissatisfaction with body shape and size.


  • You worry excessively about your body shape and may go to extremes to try and change it – muscle-building supplements or extreme diets
  • You obsess about small imperfections in your face, complexion and body.
  • You compare your body unfavourably with others.
  • You set yourself unrealistic goals and aspire to the body shapes you see in fashion magazines.



Our doctor will carry out a physical examination, assess the cause of your concerns and ensure that no unnecessary dermatological or surgical treatment is undertaken. We will work with you to develop a management plan to address any underlying medical and physical issues


Our dietician will advise on the right, balanced diet to assist with weight loss, weight gain or supplements to support a healthy complexion and a reduction in anxiety and depression.


Our therapists will explore your feelings towards your body and the historical factors that have lead to your current level of anxiety. You will learn skills to challenge any limiting beliefs or assumptions, to support you in creating a new perspective about your body shape and size